Spotify is probably one of the greatest apps I’ve used in recent years. It is the sole reason why I barely ever use iTunes anymore. Why would I bother downloading music when I can have access to a far larger music library at any given moment?

There is however one big problem with Spotify: How do you find new music? Spotify does come with a “What’s New”-section that I assume is somewhat tailored to my listening habits. Yet, it’s far from perfect. It doesn’t give you any recommendations for other artists that fits your taste.

Last.FM is a service that does this very well. What’s even better is that Spotify comes with built-in ‘scrobbling’ support for Last.FM (ie. sending what you are listening to to Last.FM).

What I used to do when I got bored of my current playlists was to go to Last.FM and turn their recommendations into a playlist in Spotify. It worked great, but it was a tedious process.

Now, along comes Lastify and does this completely automatically. It’s awesome. For some time, this is an idea that has been growing in my head. We (as in WireLoad) were thinking about launching something similar to Lastify for the past few months, but never had the bandwidth to do so. Now we don’t need to. Lastify does a great job already, so why reinvent the wheel.

What makes Lastify even greater is that it completely seamless (you do not need to do anything yourself) and the playlists are periodically being updated.

So how do you get your Spotify to become more intelligent with Lastify?

  • Create a Last.FM-account.
  • Enable ‘Scrobbling’ to your Last.FM account in Spotify by going into the preferences.

  • Run Spotify with the Scrobbling enabled for a few days so that it can collect some data on your music taste. You can verify that the music is being submitted by visiting Last.FM.
  • When you have enough data collected in Last.FM, head over to Lastify and enter your Last.FM username. Lastify will then generate a custom playlist for you based on your taste. When it first launches, it will only include one track, but don’t worry, give it some time and it will be populated.

That’s it. You no longer need to listen to the same playlists over and over. The playlist will automatically update every other day to reflect your latest recommendations from Last.FM.

If you’re curious on how the playlist will look like, my playlist looks like this.