Last week we launched our second application for Mac OS X. The application is called Quiet and is the best productivity tool I have ever used. The idea behind Quiet is simple. If you were to remove all distractions and only focus on one task at the time, you get more work done. This is exactly what Quiet does. It simply allows you to focus.

Let’s say you’re writing an important email that requires 100% of your attention. You would then simply bring up Quiet, and pick ‘Focus on Mail’ (assuming you’re using Apple Mail). Quiet would then bring up your Mail window on a black background. But that’s not it. In addition, Quiet will also do the following:

  • Put you in away mode on IM (Adium, iChat and Skype)
  • Disable the new-mail notification sound from Mail.App
  • Disable Growl

Once you exit the ‘focus-mode’, everything will revert to normal.

Here’s an example of how Quiet looks like in action:

Writing an important email in Quiet

I found it’s amazing how much work you’ll get done once you’ve removed all distractions.

Quiet 1.0 is available in the Mac App Store today.

For more information about Quiet, please visit the product page.