2011 has been a big year for WireLoad. We have launched two brand new products (Blotter and Quiet) in a completely new vertical, namely the desktop market for Mac OS X. It has been a very interesting experience, and we certainly did not foresee the success we’ve had. Just a few weeks ago, Blotter was named ‘App of the Week‘ in Leo Leporte’s show MacBreak Weekly. Blotter has also been on the Top-10 list for productivity apps in the Mac App Store, and we’ve been the #2 app in the entire Korean Mac App Store (and top 10 in the entire Japanese Mac App Store).

With all of this success, we knew that we had to do two things that we’ve had in mind to do for some time:

  • Convert WireLoad from a California LLC to a Delaware C-Corp
  • Redesign our website for wireload.net
  • Create a logo for WireLoad

Now we have done this, and we feel a whole lot better. That said, 2011 is far from over and we have plans of doing some pretty amazing new things the year, so stay tuned. Now I just need to take care of this website, as this design is both broken and getting kinda old.

I leave you with a screenshot of the new WireLoad.net website.

The new WireLoad.net