I’m a coffee junkie. Like many of my fellow geeks, I consume way more than the average person. On a normal day, I drink somewhere between 5-10 cups perhaps. How much is that in relation to the population at large?

To find the answer, let’s turn to Wikipedia’s List of countries by coffee consumption per capita. Let’s assume that all the data in there are true. Let’s also make the assumption that one serving of coffee is about 6 grams of coffee beans.

In the graph below, I’ve included the top 6 countries, plus Italien and the United States (as they were interesting references).

[easychart type=“vertbar” height=“400” title=“Coffee Cups Consumed per Capita and Day” groupnames=“Finland, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden, Italy, United States” valuenames=“” group1values=“5.48” group2values=“4.52” group3values=“4.11” group4values=“3.97” group5values=“3.84” group6values=“3.74” group7values=“2.69” group8values=“1.92”]

So what can we make out of this? It is clear that the Scandinavian countries consume a lot of coffee. What’s interesting however is the low consumption per capita of the United States and Italy. As far as the United States go, I think the average resident consumes more than 1.92 cups of coffee per day, but the servings are weaker than 6 grams per serving. Hence, the per capita consumption of pure coffee beans remains low in comparison. Italy is also interesting. One would expect the home of espresso and cappuccino would have a higher consumption. Yet, that’s not the case.