A while ago I started hacking on Screenly, a digital signage solution for the Raspberry Pi. It has been a huge success with a lot of traction from the Raspberry Pi community.

The open source edition of Screenly (a.k.a. Screenly OSE) is an excellent tool if you want to setup a single sign. All you need is a Raspberry Pi ($35), some cables, and a monitor. You can literally be up and running in five minutes (not including the time it takes to flash Rasbian to the SD-card).

But what if you want to manage a number of nodes? Let’s say you have one hundred nodes that you want to manage from place? The answer to that is Screenly Pro. It’s based on the same platform as Screenly OSE, but it enables you to easily manage a large number of nodes. It also comes with a number of other improvements to make it easier to setup.
Screenly Pro
We already have a fully working beta of Screenly Pro running, but we are now taking ready to start letting new users in. If you’re interested, please sign up for the wait-list and we’ll let you know as soon as we’re ready to ship.