For some time, I’ve worn both my Pebble and a Fitbit Flex. Since the Pebble comes with a built-in pedometer, this bothered me a lot. As a digital nomad, you’re always looking at ways to reduce the things you carry around and I’m now happy to report that I have retired my Fitbit.

There has long been various pedometer watchfaces available for the Pebble. However, none of them (to my knowledge) could actually do anything with the data. At least to me, it is then rather pointless.

Enter the Jawbone Up Watchface for Pebble. Simply install the app from the Pebble App Store and you’re ready to go. The watchface will connect to the Up service and report your steps as well as displaying the data in a nice fashion.  Simple as pie.

You can also download the Jawbone Up app for iOS to view the data. This also allows you to push your data to Health.