I’m a huge fan of autojump. It allows me to quickly navigate my filesystem in ways without having to type out every folder.

There is however one task that I frequently that I wanted to make more efficient: create a new folder and then jump into said folder.

Normally, this would simply be:

$ mkdir foo
$ cd foo

This feels somewhat inefficient, so I wrote a little tool to help with this called ccd:

$ ccd foo

The tool is very simple, but saves me a number of keystrokes every day. There are two pieces to the tool: one bash script and one entry in ~/.profile.



if [ ! -d "$ARG"  ]; then
    echo "Creating $ARG."
    mkdir -p "$(pwd)/$ARG"
    echo "$ARG already exists."

cd "$(pwd)/$1"

Once you have installed the script, just set the right permission with chmod +x ~/bin/ccd.sh


Lastly, you will need to add the following entry to your ~/.profile file:

alias ccd="source ~/bin/ccd.sh"

Finally, either reload your shell, or run source ~/.profile.