One of the best ways to ensure your whole team knows what your technology is doing is to ensure that everyone has quick and easy access to your dashboards. One of the best ways to do that is to get your dashboards displayed on a giant screen right in the middle of your work area. 

Sometimes this can be a bit of a pain - you need to devote some machine to power the dashboard and pipe it to the TV as well as the hassle of setting it up. Enter Screenly!


Screenly is a simple Raspberry Pi-based platform that hooks directly into a HDTV and turns it into an easily configurable digital sign! Hosted Graphite is pleased to announce we’re partnering with Screenly to ensure that ops teams can get their Grafana dashboards displayed easily and quickly. They’ve made it ridiculously easy to get your dashboards in front of everyone, and provide a handy guide to get started.

Haven’t tried Screenly yet? Check it out here!